Anniversary Sale

Anniversaries are beautiful. They mark another year of loyalty, hard-work, and success. Here at Martin Appliance, we are proud to say we have been around for 46 years! Yes, it is our 46th anniversary! We have a long history of customer service and quality products, but it is only because of our customers that we are still around! To give back to our wonderful customers, we are offering very special deals this special anniversary month from the 4th to the 14th.

Kitchen Appliances

If your kitchen is in need of a remodel or if you’re afraid that your fridge may just give up the ghost, we have the appliances you need at low prices. For those looking to move, remodel, or just scrap their old appliances, we have package deals. We are offering Kitchen sets (microwave, oven, fridge, dishwasher) for as low as $1,599! If a complete remodel isn’t your goal, we have individual appliance deals. We have fridges for sale as low as $599, ovens for sale as low as $499, and dishwashers as low as $299! If your kitchen needs an upgrade, we would love to help you with our 46 years of experience.

Washers & Dryers

Everyone needs to clean their clothing. If your washer and dryer aren’t getting the job done or your afraid that they may choke on the next load, we have what you need. We offer reliable Speed Queen appliances that are known for their great cleaning abilities and long-lasting lifespans. Right now, they are offering 10-year warranties on all of their appliances! However, if Speed Queen isn’t your taste, we are offering washers and Dryer sets as low as $798! If you aren’t pleased with your current washer and dryer, we can provide you with top of the line appliances!

Mobile and Outdoor Appliances

If you are not looking for any major appliances such as ovens, fridges, or washers. We do have a number of offers on grills, vacuums, and space heaters. Right now, is a great time to buy a grill! We are offering 10 to 25 percent off display grill models. If grilling isn’t your thing, we have big deals for small household appliances. We are offering space heaters and vacuums for 10% off.

Martin Appliance

We are proud of our many years of service and are delighted to offer such great deals to our amazing customers. If you are interested in what we can offer you check us out at or email We would love to help you! *Be aware our anniversary sale dates are October4th-14th.