French Door Wall Ovens


   Have you ever been in the predicament where you have your oven preheated, the oven door wide open and a twenty pound turkey in a roasting pan in your hands and can’t quite get it over the hot oven door onto the oven rack? You may find yourself asking “Isn’t there a better way to do this?”. The restaurant and commercial baking industry have been using French Door ovens for years to eliminate this challenge. Finally this feature is available for home use from a number of appliance manufacturers.

  The most recent brands to join this category are Viking Professional with their VDOF730SS French Door Double Oven. The lower oven is a standard oven door, the upper oven offers the convenience of the french door. GE offers a single french door wall oven in their Cafe series of restaurant inspired appliances – CT9070SHSS. Other brands already in this category are Blue Star, who manufactures a gas single french door wall oven in Reading Pennsylvania and American Range.

  Bring out your inner chef by using equipment that for many years was only available in a commercial setting.


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