Fujitsu Mini-Split System

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Does your house get incredibly cold during the winter months? Maybe it gets sweltering hot during the summer. If these issues occur at your house, a Fujitsu mini-split system is the solution for you.

What Does a Mini Split System do?

Essentially, a Fujitsu mini-split system is a home comfort system. It can both heat and cool your house according to your preference.

What Sets Fujitsu Apart from Other Systems?

There are several key benefits that the mini-split System offers.

Less Ductwork

Heating and cooling systems typically have extensive ductwork. Such systems require difficult installation, increased costs, and often times are less efficient. However, Fujitsu mini-split system normally does not require ductwork, saving you money and installation time.

Individual Zoning

Depending on the home comfort system, you have little control over individual rooms. Often times you change the temperature for one room and it effects the whole house. Potentially starting a family feud over what the temperature should be. The mini-split system on the other hand offers individual zoning. If a room is unoccupied, the air conditioning for that room can be shut off or if people are different rooms, they can change the temperature according to their individual needs. Keeping your family satisfied and your wallet happy.

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Different Styles

Instead of being limited to one particular design, Fujitsu offers multiple designs for your home comfort system. You can pick a cassette style (ceiling mount), floor mount, slim duct, or wall mount. Each version has their perks and their own taste. A slim duct looks like central air with the efficiency of a mini-split. While a floor mount provides a modern heating unit look.


Overall, Fujitsu mini-split system saves you money, gives you comfort, and is very efficient.

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