Fujitsu Mini-Split Systems

As the thermometer rises with the onset of summer, staying cool increasingly becomes a challenge. The hassle of dragging the air conditioner down the attic stairs, hangs formidably in the air.  Perhaps the fear of monstrous electric bills haunts the forthcoming summer season. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Fujitsu Mini-Split Systems

Fujitsu mini-split systems offer affordable and effective methods for cooling or heating your home. The home comfort systems, built into the house to prevent cumbersome handling, allow the user to relax rather than stress. The following reasons distinguish Fujitsu mini-split systems from other home comfort systems.

Cost Effective

Traditional heating and cooling systems lack efficiency. They may effectively moderate a house’s temperature, but expend an exuberant amount of energy in the process. Fujitsu mini-split systems on the other hand are both effective and efficient. Treating your home’s temperature needs, they will satisfy your household as well as treat your wallet with care. On average, families that employed a mini-split system cut their utility bills down by a quarter saving them hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually.


Fujitsu mini-split systems offer the user ample control. Via smart devices, individual rooms can be customized to fit personal preferences. Maybe your spouse enjoys warmer rooms while you favor a cooler atmosphere. When inhabiting different rooms, each person can set the temperature at their preferred setting. This feature is also a money saver. When rooms are unoccupied or if the house is going to be empty for long intervals, the system can be turned off entirely or for select rooms.

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Quiet Operations

Most of us can recall the grating noise a clamorous air conditioner makes or the irksome whistling that proceeds from a cheap vent. Fujitsu mini-split systems, through their ingenious design, prevent such nuisances. Quiet enough to appease the most scrupulous librarian, the mini-split systems are perfect for those who enjoy silence.

Simple Installation

Getting a Fujitsu mini-split system installed in your house is easy. There is no bulky ductwork. Never a need for an attic-located evaporator unit. Due to the system’s unique copper tubing and various wall mounts, it remains discrete and unobtrusive.

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