Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Few things are more disappointing then coming home to spoiled food. If you open up your refrigerator and get a whiff of moldy cheese or sour milk it can ruin your day. A sub-par refrigerator will allow food to spoil quicker than a superb refrigerator. Sub-Zero refrigerators are proven to be truly exceptional appliances built right here in the USA.

The Sub-Zero Difference

Sub-Zero refrigerators are incredible at preventing food spoilage by addressing three key issues: humidity, temperature, and air quality. Monitoring these three essential factors, Sub-Zero refrigerators can prolong the freshness of your food. Why are Sub-Zero refrigerators better at doing this than other companies? It is because they have a patented vacuum door seal system designed to trap the maximum amount of cold air inside the refrigerator as well as preserving the desired amount of humidity.

The Perfect Fit

Sub-Zero refrigerators are not only appliances able to make any kitchen pop, but are also compatible with most kitchen sizes. Ranging from 18-inch units to 72-inch combination units, Sub-Zero has multiple widths capable to slide in most spaces. Along with their top of the line style, Sub-Zero appliances are a must for anyone looking for an extraordinary kitchen.   


Sub-Zero appliances are also environmentally conscious. Most of the material they use to craft their products are made from recycled metal and plastic. Built to save you money and protect the environment, many Sub-Zero appliances use less electricity than a 75-watt bulb.  Not many companies can boast such claims.

Martin Appliance

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