Sub-Zero Wolf

Premium cooking, impeccable refrigeration, and spotless dishwashing Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove do it all. They are a top of the line appliance company that knows how to not only create beautiful appliances, but also produce amazing results. Now, here at Martin Appliance, we have these sleek appliances available for you! We are honored to be a part of their team!


Wolf ranges, easily distinguished by their red knobs, have been around since 1938 as a commercial brand. For over 80 years Wolf has been impressing people with their commercial grade cooking. Now part of the Sub-Zero family, Wolf gas, induction and dual fuel ranges are equipped with convection ovens built to deliver you and your family with premium, restaurant quality food. If you’re looking for a built-in oven, they provide their customers with one of the broadest selections of wall oven styles to complement any kitchen design. Beyond their cooking ability, Wolf ranges are built with a 20-year life expectancy and come with incredible warranties.


Since 1945, Sub-Zero refrigerators have been crafted in a way that can send chills down their customer backs. Their professional stainless-steel designs or the ability to fully integrate with custom cabinetry will create an unforgettable kitchen. If you like French doors, side-by-side units, or have a unique configuration requirement, Sub-Zero is able to meet almost anyone’s needs. The best part is that Sub-Zero refrigerators don’t only keep food cold, but their patented air purification system, along with their humidity control, dramatically increase the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables. Like their brother Wolf, Sub-Zero refrigerators are built to last for 20 years and come with amazing warranties.


Cove Dishwashers, the newest member of the Sub-Zero Wolf family, are built with the same level of precision as Wolf and Sub-Zero are. Dishwashers may be smaller than the average appliance, however Cove dishwashers still stand out despite size. Like Sub-Zero, they can be ordered to accept an integrated panel or be purchased in their stainless-steel design and really stand out in a kitchen. Cleaning power meant for royalty, Cove dishwashers make glass sparkle, crystal glisten, and metals shine. Due to a broad range of rack adjustments, Cove dishwashers can maximize their capacity and still deliver exceptionally clean dishes and cutlery. Cove dishwashers are ready for the task, assembled to withstand 20 years of daily use -they are incredibly durable.

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