They don’t make them like they used to…..

If you purchased a washer in the last few years you probably found yourself saying “They don’t make them like they used to”. For the most part this is true. Government regulations have changed the way washers work, in many cases making us think they don’t work.

Fortunately there are options for those simply looking for a washer that actually works. A washer that uses enough water to clean our clothes. Many manufacturers are starting to put override options in their controls to allow you to control the amount of water the machine uses on most cycles. In most cases the machine will default to the low water setting so you will need to be intentional about choosing the correct cycle to get the desired water level.

Speed Queen is one American Made laundry brand that has traditional washers almost perfected. All their models offer a Normal/Eco cycle that is a high efficiency cycle but all the other cycles allow you to select the wash and rinse water levels. They also allow you to have a true hot water wash outside of the Normal/Eco cycle (which is surprisingly rare).

Martin Appliance has been named the number one volume Speed Queen dealer in the entire Northeastern United States in 2016. Matching your particular laundry wants and needs is something we are passionate about and since we sell so many Speed Queen laundry products you can be confident that you can talk to someone with in depth knowledge of the Speed Queen line up.

So if you are in our market area in central Pennsylvania and are interested in buying a washer that works from a family owned appliance store that not only sells but also services everything we sell we would welcome the opportunity to show you around. We not only sell Speed Queen, we also offer other American Made laundry products from Whirlpool, Maytag, Ge and Hotpoint at prices that give you no reason to settle for an import.