Wolf Ranges

People who love to bake and cook expect their ranges to keep up with them. If a range doesn’t cook evenly, goes haywire, or has an oven that just doesn’t get hot enough it can be very discouraging. If you have ever used a range like such you know how annoying it can be. Make sure your range doesn’t underperform by getting a Wolf range.

Wolf Basics

Wolf ranges, distinguished by their red knobs, are more than just good-looking appliances. If you love gas ranges, dual fuel ranges, or induction ranges Wolf has them all. You may wonder what makes Wolf different. Here are three major advantages of installing a Wolf:

  1. Griddles: Cooking on stove tops are nice, but griddles can be much nicer. Griddles provide more space for cooking and are easier to use spatulas. Instead of having to pull out a portable griddle and take up counter space, Wolf ranges can come with griddles built-in. So, breakfast no longer has to be a crowded affair, but rather a freeing experience.
  • Induction Ranges: Induction ranges are the most efficient heat delivery systems available. They can get water to boil within a couple minutes! Whenever you are in a rush or need your stove top to heat your food quickly, an induction range can produce results in the manner of minutes. Induction ranges are capable of doing this by using magnetic fields to create resisistive heat.
  • Convection Ovens: Their convection ovens have fans that allow your food to bake evenly. Instead of letting the heat dwell in pockets, they spread the warmth throughout the whole oven.

Honest Review

I got to ask Dean Witmer, an appliance salesman who has years of experience with all kinds of appliance brands, for his opinion:

There are other brands of premium ranges that add more glitz to their design, but Wolf has some things about it that truly stand out. What I love about the brand is that they have a long track record of dependability. They are kept fairly simple in their design and haven’t changed things a whole lot over the years. The resulting advantage is that it is common for them to last 20 years or more. When issues do arise, they still have the parts readily available even for the older models. Their customer care is superb and second to none.  They are a delight to deal with. We love how they support us and our customers. The range itself offers dual stacked burners for every single burner, so they all become multi-functional with ultra hi and ultra-low heat levels. The burners also come in varied sizes so their flame distributions are appropriate for different kettle and pan sizes. They also offer great flexibility in the range top configurations. A customer can choose all burners, or they can add griddles (in different sizes), grills and even French top burners. They are one of the few brands that offers 60-inch ranges in both gas AND dual fuel. They even offer a 36-inch electric INDUCTION range – which is very unique.  It’s definitely a premium brand worth considering for both the performance factors and the statement it makes in a kitchen, and for the peace of mind knowing it’s one of the most reliable and best supported brands over the years of use.

Martin Appliance

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